Rs. 25/-

Leave Travel Concession

Pages: 52
Contains: CCS(LTC) Rules- Applicability, Admissibility, Hometown LTC, Any Place in India LTC, LTC for Fresh Recruits, Prior Intimation, Procedure of availing LTC, Admissibility of LTC under various Circumstances, Special Dispensation Scheme, Withdrawal of Advance, Entitlements for LTC etc.
Last Updated: 31-05-2018

Rs. 30/-

Leave Rules

Pages: 123
Contains: CCS(Leave) Rules- Definitions, Right to leave, Regulation of claim to leave, Commutation of one kind of leave into another, Combination of different kinds of leave, Application for leave, Leave account, Grant of leave on medical certificate, Combination of holidays with leave etc.
Last Updated: 31-05-2018

Rs. 35/-

Conduct Rules

Pages: 195
Contains: CCS(Conduct) Rules, Code of Conduct- Commencement and Application, Definitions, Promptness and Courtesy, Sexual harassment of working women, Employment of near relatives, Taking part in politics and elections, Demonstration and strikes, Criticism of Government etc.
Last Updated: 31-05-2018

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