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Rs. 60/-

Leave Travel Concession

Pages: 86
Contains: CCS(LTC) Rules- Applicability, Admissibility, Hometown LTC, Any Place in India LTC, LTC for Fresh Recruits, Prior Intimation, Procedure of availing LTC, Admissibility of LTC under various Circumstances, Special Dispensation Scheme, Withdrawal of Advance, Entitlements for LTC etc.

Rs. 75/-

Leave Rules


Pages: 137
Contains: CCS(Leave) Rules- Definitions, Right to leave, Regulation of claim to leave, Commutation of one kind of leave into another, Combination of different kinds of leave, Application for leave, Leave account, Grant of leave on medical certificate, Combination of holidays with leave etc.

Rs. 75/-

Conduct Rules


Pages: 212
Contains: CCS(Conduct) Rules, Code of Conduct- Commencement and Application, Definitions, Promptness and Courtesy, Sexual harassment of working women, Employment of near relatives, Taking part in politics and elections, Demonstration and strikes, Criticism of Government etc.

Rs. 60/-

Service Matters,Vol-01


Pages: 94
Contains: Service Book and Personal File, Offer of Appointment & Order of Appointment, Medical examination for Appointment in Government, Verification of Age, Qualifications, Caste etc., Verification of Character and Antecedents, Date of Birth, Change in Name, Oath of Allegiance, Age Relaxation in Government Service, Probation and Confirmation.

Rs. 75/-

Service Matters, Vol-02


Pages: 136
Contains: Forwarding of Application for Employment elsewhere, Representation of a Government Servant on Service Matters & Petitions to President, Annual Performance & Appraisal Report (APAR), Lien and Technical Resignation, Joining Time, Transfer on Deputation & Foreign Service, Premature Retirement, Voluntary Retirement Scheme, Compassionate Appointment, Frequently Asked Questions.

Rs. 75/-

Service Matters, Vol-03


Pages: 114
Contains: Emoluments & Average Emoluments, Fixation of Pay, Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS), FAQs on MACPS, Seniority.

Rs. 60/-

Service Matters, Vol-04


Pages: 61
Contains: Commercial Employment after Retirement, Extension, Re-employment & Engagement of Consultants, Fixation of Pay of Re-employed Pensioners, Gratuity.

Rs. 75/-

Disciplinary Rules


Pages: 149
Contains: Disciplinary Rules, Classification, Appointing Authority, Suspension, Penalties and Disciplinary Authorities, Procedure For Imposing Penalties, Appeals, Revision and Review, Miscellaneous, Frequently Asked Questions.

Rs. 60/-

Advances and Bonus


Pages: 55
Contains: Advances (Introduction, Sanctioning Authority, Availability of Funds, Surety, Date of Drawal of Advance, Interest, Penal Interest for Interest-Free Advances, Penal Interest for Interest-Bearing Advances, Calculation of Interest, Recovery of Interest, Interest Free Advances, Interest Bearing Advances), Bonus (Introduction, Eligibility, Revised Clarifications).

Rs. 60/-

Minority Matters and Casual Labour


Pages: 39
Contains: Minority Matters (Introduction, Functions of Commission, Inclusion of one member of Minority community in Selection Committee/ Board, Proforma, Inclusion of Jain community in Minority at the time of furnishing data), Casual Labour (Introduction, Govt. of India Decisions).

Rs. 75/-

Reservation and Concession

Pages: 104
Contains: Constitutional and legal provisions, Scope of reservation, Relaxations and Concessions, Determination of Reservation Quota, Reservation Registers and Roster Registers, Filling up of reserved vacancies, De-reservation, Verification of the claims of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes, Monitoring and institutional safeguards, Miscellaneous, FAQs.

Rs. 75/-

General Provident Fund

Pages: 105
Contains: The General provident Fund (Central Services) Rules,1960, Latest Office Memorandum on GPF, Rate of Interest of last 15 Years, Forms and Formats, Multiple Choice Questions etc.

Rs. 60/-

Contributory Provident Fund


Pages: 85
Contains: The Contributory provident Fund (India) Rules,1962, Latest Office Memorandum on CPF, Rate of Interest, Forms and Formats, Multiple Choice Questions etc.

Rs. 699/- (More than 20% Off)

Combo Offer

1. Leave Travel Concession
2. Leave Rule
3. Conduct Rules
4. Service Matters,Vol-01
5. Service Matters,Vol-02
6. Service Matters,Vol-03
7. Service Matters,Vol-04
8. Disciplinary Rules
9. Advances and Bonus
10. Minority Matters and Casual Labour
11. Reservation and Concession
12. General Provident Fund
13. Contributory Provident Fund

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