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Kendriya Vidyalaya

Clarification regarding Grant of Special cash package equivalent in lieu of Leave Travel Concession Fare for Central Government Employees during the Block 2018-21 (FAQ-2).


Circulation of various Govt OMs for Kendriya Vidyalaya employees 8.9.2020


Implementation of Procurement Policy for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) Order 2012.


Reimbursement of OPD medicines to CS(MA) beneficiaries: Special sanction in view of covid-19., Performance Security in terms of Rule 171 of General Financial Rules, 2017(GFR), Amendment in General Financial Rules (GFRs), 2017-Giobal Tender Enquiry., One-time relaxation to the allottees of General Pool Residential Accommodation (GPRA) in view of Novel Coronavirus(COVID-19).


Govt. of India, Ministry of Personnel release the various order 1. Co-authorization of permanently disabled child/children in PPO for Family pension., 2. Advances to Government Servents - Rate of interest for purchase of Computer during 2020-21., 3. Grant of one additional Home Town LTC conversion of Fresh Recruits to visit UT of Jammu and Kashmir., 4. Refernces/ Repersentations/ Court Cases in verious Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations for grant of MACP Benefits in the promotional hierarchy., 5. Reimbursement of OPD Medicines: Special Sanction in view of COVID-19., 6. Extension of validity period of empanelment of already empanelled Health Care Organizations under CGHS.


Extension of benefits of Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity to the employees of Autonomous Body/Organisation covered under National Pension System (NPS).


Vacation and Brecks in Kendriya Vidyalayas for the Academic Session 2019-20.


Payment of ad-hoc bonus to employees of KVS for the year 2015-16.


Opening of New KV in Dumka, Jharkhand.


Kendriya Vidyalaya in Dukma will start functioning from class I to V (single section in each class) during the academic year 2017-18…

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (Allotment of Residence), Rules 1998 – matter pertaining to unauthorized overstayal in KVS Staff Quarters.


The authority concerned at various establishments of KVS, will inform the competent authority in Finance Division, at least 03 months in advance, about retention of staff quarter by any employee working under his/her control and superannuating/ retiring from KVS…

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